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What role will industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate manufacturers play in the future coating industry?

The keyword in 2019 is environmental protection and safety. In 2020, environmental protection and safety hurricanes will be more violent. In the manufacturing industry, whether it's packaging, printing, furniture, shipping industry or the phosphate raw material manufacturing enterprises like Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Group that produce industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate, it's a good choice to withstand the environmental storm and the obvious environmental protection conditions of the enterprise itself.

Take the paint industry for example, the current paint market can be found that although the domestic paint industry has achieved rapid development and formed a certain industry scale, but in the domestic high-end paint market, the domestic paint brands or enterprises are indeed few, and the domestic high-end paint market is still occupied by most of the market share of imported brands.

In fact, all industries need to use coatings, and environmental protection coatings are definitely hot goods. Therefore, for the domestic coating enterprises, if they want to seize the market share of high-end coating market, the quality of coating should be greatly improved. The coating should not only be tasteless and non-toxic in use, but also be applied in order to avoid high viscosity and paste like coating, which does not meet the requirements of coating performance. At this time, industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate plays a major role.

Dribbling reflects the ability of the coating to adhere to the mold surface, but different from the viscosity, dribbling is an important index in the coating process. The addition of industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate affects the dribbling performance of the coating, because industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate can play a very good role in dispersion, can complexing metal ions such as calcium and magnesium in the coating, making the coating color and dribbling performance better.

The drippiness of the coating will also decrease rapidly with the increase of the content of industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate. The lower the drips, the better the adhesion of the coating to the mold, but the drips should not be too low. In the process of painting, the drippiness and leveling are important performance indicators. Too low drippiness will lead to poor leveling performance of the paint, which will cause serious paint marks in the process of painting. Therefore, the amount of industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate is determined according to the viscosity of the coating.

With consumers paying more and more attention to the health and safety of coating products and the introduction of policies related to energy conservation and emission reduction, "green" coating market is expected to accelerate growth. Industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate manufacturers play an important role in the future coating industry, and need to choose stable and reliable quality enterprise cooperation.

 industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate
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