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What are the main effects of potassium formate fertilizer on the quality of crop products?


With the improvement of living standards, everyone's requirements for agricultural products have gradually shifted from quantity to quality. Therefore, reasonable application of various fertilizers can not only increase yield, but also has a very obvious effect on improving the quality of agricultural products. The scientific application of potassium formate fertilizer not only meets the needs of crops for nutrient elements, but also makes them grow normally and fully mature. It improves the quality of agricultural products, reduces the surplus of a large amount of potassium, avoids fertilizer waste and reduces soil pollution.

Crops lack of potassium fertilizer, they will suffer from "schizophrenia", prone to fall, and are often plagued by germs and pests. We all know that potassium is often called the "quality element", which can improve crop resistance, such as drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance, and resistance to pests and diseases.

Potassium formate is also a high-quality high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer. Its main effects on the quality of crop products include:

1.It can promote better utilization of nitrogen by crops, increase protein content, and promote the production of sugar and starch;

2.Enlarge the nucleolus, seeds, fruits, tubers and roots with beautiful shape and color;

3.Increase the oil content of oil crops and increase the content of vitamin C in fruits;

4.Accelerate the maturity of fruits, vegetables and other crops, and make the maturity period more consistent

5.Enhance the product's resistance to bumps and natural decay, and extend the storage and transportation period;

6.Increase the strength, length, fineness and color purity of cotton and hemp crop fibers.

The targeted and scientific application of potassium formate fertilizer meets the needs of crops for various nutrients, so that crops can grow and develop normally, so as to obtain ideal yields and benefits. Spraying potassium formate fertilizer is also a technical measure to effectively increase crop yield, and it is also an important means to maintain continuous increase in high-yield fields.


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