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Major turning point
  • IN 1979-1985

    The first yellow phosphorus furnace came into operation.

    In 1979,the first yellow phosphorus furnace came into operation.Since then,CD Chemical Industry has embarked on the road of production and development of phosphate products.And it has opened up the situation that CD Chemical Industry has maintained profitability for 40 consecutive years.
  • IN 1998-2008

    The second stage of entrepreneurship in CD.

    The second stage of entrepreneurship in CD.Enterprises not only expand rapidly,but also innovate and upgrade products.It has developed sodium tripolyphosphate for ceramics,99.9% anhydrous formic acid and 118% polyphosphoric acid.
  • IN 2008-so far

    Output value rises quickly,institute strength all shows.

    Output value rises quickly,institute strength all shows.A number of high-tech products in CD are widely welcomed by users,and the production and sales volume have increased significantly.At the same time,the institute saves a large amount of research and development force,truly achieve "for different industries users,can be customized production of chemical raw materials".

  • IN 1986-1998

    Established Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd.

    In 1986,Gao Guangfan(current chairman of Chuandong Chemical Industry) officially took charge of the enterprise,and then established Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd.Through "reform,expansion and development",the "product tree" of phosphorus can be brought into full play,the development ideas of enterprises can be clearly defined,and the management ideas can be innovated.
  • IN 1958-1978

    Chongqing Diligent and Thrifty Chemicals Factory was established.

    On September 8,1958,Chongqing Diligent and Thrifty Chemicals Factory was established.In the context of the Cultural Revolution,a group of young people used vat,pots,wooden barrels,basins,hand-stirred shovels to pry and carry out workshop-style chemical production under mats and felt shacks.Self-sufficiency,road repairing and shipbuilding have opened up product transportation lines,and depending on aluminium sulfate and sulfonated coal products,enterprises can survive.Chongqing Diligent and Thrifty Chemicals Factory’s staff is well-known for industrious and hard-working spirit.
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