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Liucheng Chuandong conducts emergency plan drills for hazardous chemical accidents


On the afternoon of May 19, Liucheng Chuandong Company carried out a drill on emergency response plans for hazardous chemical accidents. Taking the leakage of No. 5 storage tank of phosphorus phosphate library as the emergency disposal method, the company-level emergency procedure was sounded, and the whole exercise process was tense and orderly. It not only trains the emergency response team, but also improves the level of emergency response.

The drill was carried out from discovery reporting, plan initiation, on-site rescue, medical rescue, safe evacuation, and accident reporting, covering all aspects of emergency rescue. During the drill, the enterprise leadership was strong, the response was positive, the response was quick, the drill was coherent, the disposal measures were in place, the organization and coordination were thorough, the drill was close to actual combat, and it played a strong role in safety education and demonstration. Through this drill, the drill goals of testing the plan, running-in mechanism, publicity and education, training the team, and improving the preparation have been achieved, and the ability of emergency response and coordination of various departments at all levels has been fully tested. 

After the drill, General Manager of Liucheng Chuandong gave a summary and comment on the special emergency drill for the hazardous chemical accident. It is necessary to be more careful in daily safety prevention and supervision, make great efforts to control hidden dangers, and eliminate the accident in the bud.

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