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Architecture is one of the symbols of human civilization.Compared with wooden and stone buildings in ancient civilization,the use of cement should undoubtedly be the cornerstone of today's fossil buildings.However,new building materials such as cement and mortar also have their fatal weaknesses - setting time is extremely harsh.If the setting time of cement or mortar is too early or too late,and the strength of early rising can not reach the same level,it will affect the normal construction,which will lead to serious safety problems.

There are many early strength additives,such as chloride,sulfate,carbonate,aluminate,nitrate,triethanolamine and other organic compounds,but these materials contain chloride ions and alkali,which can cause steel corrosion,leading to concrete alkali aggregate reaction,leading to concrete structure damage,affecting durability.To solve this problem,the hydration degree of cement paste can be effectively accelerated,the early strength can be improved,the setting time can be shortened,and the pore structure of cement paste can be obviously improved,the porosity and pore size can be reduced.

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