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Phosphate series products are also widely used in refractory industry,among which sodium hexametaphosphate plays a more extensive and important role.The relative molecular weight of sodium hexametaphosphate is 978-1592,which is a massive vitreous body.After crushing,it is white powder and has strong hygroscopicity.Sodium hexametaphosphate can be mixed with water in any proportion with pH value of 5.5∽7.0.It is hydrolyzed into sodium dihydrogen phosphate in water,and the hydrolysis accelerates with the increase of temperature.In addition to being used as binder for alkaline unburned bricks(magnesia,magnesia chromium and other unburned bricks),it is also widely used as water reducer,dispersant and binder for amorphous refractories,alkaline spray-repairing materials and smear materials.For refractory industry,Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd. has its own product specifications for this industry.Sodium hexametaphosphate is the alkaline binder.Because its chain length is widely used in amorphous refractories and plays the role of dispersant and water reducing agent,the production process and raw materials of industrial sodium hexametaphosphate determine the quality of products.Chongqing Chuandong Chemical (Group) Co.,Ltd. has strict testing standards and quality control system for the chain length of sodium hexametaphosphate,and the product quality is quite stable.

Sodium hexametaphosphate is produced by thermal process,that is,the phosphoric acid produced by thermal process reacts with pure soda.At this time,the solution passes through the dryer,and the final product is polymerized at high temperature,then the required sodium hexametaphosphate can be obtained.This kind of sodium hexametaphosphate aqueous solution is a good choice for binder because of its less impurity content and less dosage.

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