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In the early 1990s,when sodium tripolyphosphate was just emerging as an additive in the ceramic industry,our company began to work closely with ceramic manufacturers in Foshan,Guangdong Province.After hundreds of tests,our company summed up a set of production process control indicators suitable for ceramic production.Sodium tripolyphosphate has excellent properties of chelating hard metal ions.Ceramic grade sodium tripolyphosphate for ceramic industry is specially studied.The ceramic sodium tripolyphosphate produced by Chongqing CD is used in ceramic industry,which can better show the advantages of its products,save cost for enterprises,reduce the viscosity of slurry,improve fluidity and reduce mud in ceramic production and use.The water content of the pulp is good,and the comprehensive dissolving effect is good and the dosage is small,thereby reducing the energy consumption of the ball mill and the spray drying tower,increasing the output,and making the particle gradation of the powder more reasonable and improving the comprehensive performance of the powder.The ceramics produced are not easy to break,and are not easy to stain,and are especially suitable for the production and addition of the high-end ceramics.

Compared with other domestic sodium tripolyphosphate or ceramic diluents,the ceramic grade sodium tripolyphosphate produced by CD Chemical Group uses authentic thermal phosphoric acid and authentic soda as raw materials,and has formulated the only internal control index for more than 20 ceramics in the world.Strict quality control system plays a leading role in the ceramic industry.Sodium tripolyphosphate of CD ceramics grade,as an additive for ceramics production,has been highly praised by ceramics manufacturers in the past 20 years.


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