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Why should we prevent counterfeiting?

I.Chemicals are difficult to identify by appearance,and unqualified chemicals often endanger the quality of products in the downstream industrial chain.

Many chemicals have similar appearance and uses.When you need to buy A products.you may buy similar B products or A products mixed with B.Without professional and comprehensive testing,these counterfeit products often endanger the quality of the whole downstream industry chain.

II. Diversity and concealment of chemical indicators. What we can do is "even if you don't know the target,we will control it as early as possible."

Diversity and concealment of chemical indicators.For example,even if all products are products A,because the process and raw materials are different,on the surface,their indicators are the same,but it is likely that an important unknown indicator is not included in the monitoring scope,and this indicator plays a very important role in the use of the product.

  • Chemicals have similar appearance and uses

  • Diversity and concealment of indicators

III. Suggestions on Counterfeiting Prevention

1.Make sure your target requirements as clear as possible and make physical and chemical analysis of raw materials.

It is necessary for users to specify the detailed requirements for the chemical raw materials.At the same time,you need to communicate with the supplier fully until the other party fully understands your needs.Even with the same chemical raw material,it is usually applicable in many industries.In order to ensure the uniqueness of its quality,Chuandong will strictly restrict the origin and packaging of products for different industries.

2.It is very important to choose a manufacturer with strong quality concept. What Chuandong can do is spare no effort to make the user satisfaction 100%.

Choosing a supplier with strong quality concept (excluding those who only promise orally) Chuandong Chemical Industry has a habit that every internal control production index must be done according to the demand higher than the user's,in order to maximize customer satisfaction to 100%.So once a consensus is reached,Chuandong will spare no effort to meet the needs of users.
  • Clarify the detailed requirements for the chemical raw material

  • Suppliers with strong quality concept

  • Maximize user satisfaction to 100%.

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