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Basic raw materials

Phosphoric acid and phosphate

Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd. is a modern comprehensive chemical enterprise with 60 years'history of chemical production and operation.The company was founded in 1958 and has been an old enterprise for sixty years.It has won many honors such as the top 500 chemical enterprises in China,the top 500 private enterprises,the 50 inorganic salts,the backbone enterprises in Nan'an District and so on.At present,there are five production bases in Chongqing,Guangxi,Guizhou and Sichuan,and there are our own yellow phosphorus mines in Guizhou.Our professional research,production of phosphoric acid and phosphate series products for twenty or thirty years,including the main product of sodium tripolyphosphate has won the national brand name products,sodium hexametaphosphate was rated as Chongqing brand products,in more than 20 years of market launch,widely favored and recognized by customers.

The main varieties of phosphate series are yellow phosphorus,phosphorus oxychloride,phosphorus trichloride,phosphoric acid,sodium dihydrogen phosphate,disodium hydrogen phosphate,trisodium phosphate,sodium pyrophosphate,sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate.The annual output of these products is more than 10,000 tons,including 200,000 tons of sodium tripolyphosphate,100,000 tons of sodium hexametaphosphate and 100,000 tons of yellow phosphorus.

The phosphate series products produced by Chongqing Chuandong Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. all adopt thermal process and authentic raw materials.In the production,the quality of the products must be strictly checked at different levels.Every batch of the products produced must be strictly inspected.In the past few decades,it has occupied one third of the phosphate Market in China.Among them,the application of sodium tripolyphosphate in ceramic industry has occupied 75% of the market,and has achieved absolutely good market reputation.

Formic acid and formate

Formic acid is the smallest unit of organic acid in nature.It can not only be used as synthetic raw materials in many chemical industries,but also widely used in pharmaceutical,rubber and leather industries.

Chuandong Chemical Company began to develop the production process of formic acid in the late 1990s,and obtained the patent invention certificate.It can not only play the role of recycling resources in the phosphorus chemical industry,but also control the impurity content of formic acid products and easily realize the production of nearly 100% high content formic acid.Depending on high quality formic acid products,a series of formic acid products have been derived.Such as:calcium formate,potassium formate,magnesium formate,sodium formate and so on.Calcium formate can be divided into two kinds according to the synthesis process:1.Calcium formate produced by double decomposition2.Calcium formate synthesized by formic acid.The biggest quality advantage of synthetic calcium formate over double-decomposition calcium formate is that double-decomposition calcium formate often contains known and unknown chemical elements (such as nitrate or chloride ion) due to raw materials,and even causes uncontrollable heavy metals,which makes it impossible to use normally in many industries.For example,the feed industry must not use calcium formate produced by double decomposition.If the construction industry uses calcium formate containing a certain dose of chloride ions,it will lead to steel corrosion.Calcium formate is synthesized from formic acid in Chuandong Chemical Industry.It not only solves the problem of controllable impurities,but also makes use of proprietary formic acid,which is better and more stable than the common synthesis method of calcium formate.Feed can be added safely according to the standard,in the construction industry of concrete,waterproof,paint,mortar and other fields,can effectively improve the early strength of its products,fine pore size,accelerate the construction period.

Potassium formate is a well-known drilling and completion fluid with excellent performance.In leather industry,it is used as camouflage acid in chromium tanning,as reducing agent in printing and dyeing industry,as early strength agent in road snow melting agent and cement slurry,as well as carbon black manufacturing,mining and electroplating.It is also widely used in foliar fertilizer of crops.Potassium formate also uses formic acid produced by CD Chemical Industry as the main raw material.After more than ten years of market feedback,the intrinsic quality of potassium formate in CD Chemical Industry is very high.

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