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I. Production Policy: Safety, Environmental Protection, High Quality, Low Consumption and High Yield
II. Customizability

1. Automation and Intelligent Standardization of Production is the Foundation

CD have already realized automation and intellectualization, which is the basis of standardized production. Standardized production is easy to organize and manage. It can control the cost of products as much as possible and then produce on a large scale.

2. Customization needs to turn all customer needs into reality

CD has six production bases with an area of about 15 million hectares and more than 3,000 employees. More than 80% of employees in CD are thinking and realizing the customized needs of each user at any time.
  • Six

    Have 6 production bases

  • 15million ㎡

    The factory covers an area of about 15 million feet.

  • 3000 person

    More than 3,000 employees

  • 80%

    80% of employees are thinking and realizing the customized needs of users

III. Turn more and more users'high requirements into routine indicators in CDchem

1. Communicating User Production Links

If you are a user, we will communicate with you in detail the requirements of product appearance, solubility, pH and other requirements for the production and use of your factory.

2. Communicating the Quality Orientation of Users

We also need to know the positioning of the quality of the products you produce to determine the range of metal impurity indicators, other organic or inorganic impurity indicators that need to be provided to you.
  • Communicating User Production Links

  • Communicate with customers about product quality positioning

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