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Management concept
At the core of the cultural management concept of CD,there is a guiding concept that focuses on results rather than process.Result-oriented is the best promotion and evaluation of the process of our work,pay attention to the results will affirm the process.

In 2007,the company put forward the development strategy and near-term goals:the combination of formates and phosphates,the combination of hot and humid,the refinement of industrial products,the scale of fine products,the output value reached one billion.Our efforts to adjust the product structure is now in place,this is our annual plan for technical changes as a small result.And 2007 development strategy and near - term target are result management.Processes without results management are blind and processes serve results.Only under the guidance of the results,the enterprise will develop better.

To a certain extent,the management concept of the enterprise determines the survival of the enterprise.The result-oriented management concept provides the core values of the enterprise and stimulates the enthusiasm of employees.It tells employees what goals are the most important in the enterprise and can guide and shape the attitude and behavior of employees to work in the same direction.It is also the secret for the company to maintain continuous profits for 40 years.

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