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Quality control

(1) The user is in our heart, the quality is in our hands

The company's quality management system is based on ISO9001. Every production worker always puts "user needs" in mind, and every production process strictly controls product quality. When the user asks for the product demand, our salesman will communicate to the company's quality control department for the first time, and then the quality control department will convey it to the research institute. Through continuous improvement of the process, we continuously systemize and digitize product indicators to meet the quality needs of users.

(2) Quality is the life of the enterprise, and the user is the God of the enterprise

For sixty years, we regard "quality" as the life of the enterprise; because users have the demand, the enterprise can advance, and every user deserves our gratitude!

(3) Quality-oriented, customer first, never satisfied

For us, it is not enough to have good quality products; we have to "continue to upgrade product quality, better product categories!"

(4) Unqualified products will never be out of stock

Each batch of products will be strictly sampled and tested by the quality department to ensure that there are absolutely no unqualified products in the finished product warehouse!

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