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Place the order with formic acid

It is an unforgettable past,which is of typical significance in the development of CD.
At the quiet and solemn engineering mobilization meeting,Gao Guangfan said aloud: "I have signed the order,time is pressing.In order to catch up with the schedule,we should break the routine in the work arrangement,arrange the grade and installation speed to innovate the record,the installation work must be completed within 40 days,the debugging must be normal at the beginning of October,and produce qualified products.Now it's up to you! "This is a death order at the mobilization meeting for installation of new formic acid project on the afternoon of 18th.Everyone's mood was aroused and their faces were filled with pre-war excitement.
In August 2002,the formic acid market was good,and the old formic acid orders were full.The new customer wants 110 tons of goods and requires delivery by the end of October.Gao Guangfang pointed out that only 70 days were needed to deliver the goods on time.
How about placing orders?If we don’t place orders,it's a pity to lose the market, the prospect of formic acid and the profits at hand.If we place orders,part of the equipment has not arrived,new formic acid has not been installed.If not delivered on time we will bear huge compensation,the risk is too great!
After repeated weights and balances,Gao immediately decided: "Sign the order"!
In the early morning of the 20th,with the commander-in-chief of the project,Liu Qingsheng,more than 30 people were divided into five groups to go to the scene with great enthusiasm.Arc flashing,iron bell sound,sweat like rain.
Liu,Lei and Yang,who are over the age of 60,came to the scene and rushed back and forth.Huang Minggang,then assistant general manager,resumed his old business and led a group of people to manipulate knives,shape and weld in person.Everyone works overtime every day,and hasn't had a day off for more than a month.
Zhang heatstroke,drink a little 10 drops,continue to fight.Xia's hand cut,blood flowed,stopped the blood,still no line of fire.The old worker sprained his foot and still cut hard.Yang,an electrician,had a cold and fever after infusion,took a rest and rushed back to the scene.Words like this are often heard on the construction site: "Do more and hurry up."
Ten,twenty days...They are so busy that they race against time.The equipment is in place,the pipeline is laid,the cable is connected...Looking at the results of different stages of the day standing in front of them.
On September 24,only 34 days left,the new formic acid project was completed and accepted ahead of schedule.
On September 30th,the feeding and debugging were normal,and the first barrel of qualified formic acid was produced.Everyone breathed a long sigh!
At the end of October,products were delivered to customers on time.
In early November,the funds were withdrawn.The business is finally done!
The "order for adventure" reflects the courage and wisdom of the leaders in CD,creates the "speed in CD",and shows the fine style of CD people."Jump up and get some fruit,""make the impossible possible,make the possible reality."
That's how CD got along!

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