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Potassium diformate


English name: Potassium diformate

Chemical formula:HCOOH·HCOOK, C2H3KO4

Property:White crystalline granules or powder,taste sore.



Executive standard: Q/CDH 47 


Function: Potassium diformate is feed sour agent, alternative antibiotic agent, preservative, anti-fungal agent, acidity regulator, growth promoter. It is an organic acid salt with complete biodegradability, non-toxic to livestock and poultry, no residue in the body, can effectively inhibit gastrointestinal pathogenic bacteria, and at the same time supplement potassium.

Main use: Potassium diformate is the first green feed additive approved by the European Union to replace antibiotics to promote the production of long doses. It can increase the daily feed intake, daily gain and feed utilization of animals, promote animal growth and development; inhibit animals The growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract reduces the incidence of diseases; improves the digestibility of nutrients and the retention of minerals, improves the quality of livestock and poultry meat, eggs and other products; it promotes animal growth, prevents diseases and improves feed conversion The rate and other aspects have played a good effect similar to antibiotic growth promoters. It is used in pig feed to keep pigs healthy, regulate gastrointestinal function, reduce dependence on antibiotics, improve the palatability of feed, promote growth, and reduce feed-to-weight ratio (or feed coefficient). It is also reported that it can be used in the breeding of vannamei shrimp and tilapia, which can improve the health of shrimp and fish, and then improve the performance of shrimp and fish (increasing body weight, reducing feed coefficient and increasing survival rate); there are also reports about it It can be used for broiler breeding, can increase the daily gain and feed conversion rate of broilers, and can achieve the same effect as adding flavomycin and virginiamycin.


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